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Why The Pain Has Just Begun For Dodgers Fans

Most Dodgers fans are happy and excited about the prospect of MLB stepping in and righting the ship. Many realize that we do have a long hard road ahead of us but that in the long run the series of events that are about to unfold are required. I’m here to predict that the road will be much longer, and harder, than anyone has imagined thus far.

It has occured to me just this morning, like a glimmering Easter egg hidden amongst the bush. McCourt has EVERYONE by the balls!

Frank McCourt’s Leverage

  • I believe that McCourt has purposely split the Dodgers and all the land around Dodger stadium, including the parking lot. Remember that the sale of the team included ALL of that land at Chavez Ravine? PRIME real estate. Many said that alone was worth $400M!! Frank is an @ss but he ain’t no dummy. Now, if the team is forced away from him he can and will make things impossible because he owns all the land around the stadium separately and MLB cannot wrestle that away from him!

….the fact Dodger Stadium and the parking lot are separate companies from the Dodgers, which could muck up a sale. (via Mike Waldner –

  • Although Frank cannot sue MLB, he can go after Selig personally. And if there is an attempt to take the team away from him you can bet your bottom that Selig will be in court for years to come. This is the ONE thing that Selig has fears over and is what has delayed his moves. He sacked up and went ahead with these moves anyways but you can bet that he’ll be playing his cards VERY carefully. I mean, with a $3 billion dollar deal on the table Frank may have a case if that opportunity is taken away from him.

These two things that Frank has positioned himself so strategically around are called LEVERAGE, and Frank is the king of leverage. When he signed that agreement to join the MLB owners club he knew that he could leverage these two things to subvert the restrictions in that contract. Sly bastard.

Let’s Not Forget About Bud Selig

Selig has totally screwed the Dodgers. He pushed the sale to McCourt so much that there was no bidding, no competition for the sale. But Fox was having a hard time lining potential buyers up at $400M, now the club is said to be worth $800M. I’m not sure that there will be a long line of buyers at that price now, especially with the economy down and Frank owning all the land around the stadium.

I almost feel that Seligis on the Yankees payroll. It is a plot to kill the second largest market in MLB, the only other club that has even the slightest potential to be as big as the Yankees. It is even said that Selig and Jerry Reinsdorf pushed O’malley out of the owners club back in the day! That alone started a series of events that have lead to a decade or instability for the club. Selig is also screwing Oakland for the past 4 years by not allowing them to move the club to San Jose like they want and everyone in he Bay Area wants.


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One Response to “Why The Pain Has Just Begun For Dodgers Fans”

  1. DodgersKings323 June 4, 2011 at 3:51 pm #

    About the bay, i believe it’s the Giants who are to blame. When they got their new ballpark there was a hidden part of the deal that made SJ “Giants territory” when it used to be neutral.