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Hoping For Some Kershawshank Redemption

One can do so many cool things with that name, Kershawshankredemption! Everything except own the domain which has been wisely snatched up by my friend Mark Timmons of LA Dodger Talk. Actually, I am still gust posting over there till Mark gets back from his cruise, yeah life is rough. And I am quite proud of the catchy title I came up with for today’s post there, “Cain and a Very Able Kershawshankrepemption.”


Its been a rough past few weeks with my life pretty much speeding around me. Work has me super busy, trying to help a friends with some stuff for his business, friend has a baby, cousin had a baby, Easter, fantasy baseball, getting ready to move this weekend into a house finally (renting but will buy in a year), and of course trying to spend time with the wife and kids (and the Dodgers!)

I want to start doing live twitter feeds during games so that people can follow the game play-by-play/commentary style via twitter. I have my Twitter feed plugged into this site in the right sidebar and moved it to the top of the page yesterday. But first I have to find time to watch an entire game. I will most likely be packing the next few days so fat chance on that. But I will be attempting to do this soon, maybe after Mark gets back and takes LA Dodger Talk back over.

I think that this will be VERY cool new twist on game broadcasts and that people will really take to it. I will do a more detailed post on it later and explain to everyone what exactly Twitter is.

fuckthe-giants-pg-versionThe Dodgers are squaring off against the HATED giants with Kershaw taking on Matt Cain at Chavez Ravine tonight. Cain is 0-6 lifetime against the Dodgers in 11 starts. So our guys have some high averages against Cain and I will be looking for some offensive displays tonight, in between boxing up stuff that is!

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